Merrill Awards



The Lee Merrill Fellows Award was instituted in 1990 to recognize volunteers who quietly and effectively contribute to the Association. Lee was the second president. During his term he encouraged Harold Hellyer to develop the Apple Squeeze, the Bair Store was donated, the lamps along Lafayette Street erected, (no long standing) and his idea of the Quarterly became a reality. He was an inspirational president, and in his last President’s Letter he wrote:

“I hope that during the last two years you have received the message loudly and clearly that the well-being and strength of your Association has sprung from you, the members and your endeavors. While there has been great leadership by committee heads well known to us all, I’ve noticed that they have been almost lost in the “crowd of workers.”

1990 Esther Spreen and Jim Lester
1991 Arline Brightman and Bob Volkmer
1992 Florene Flowler and Bob Anderson
1993 Don Rehburg and Mike McMullin
1994 Members of the Task Force:  Dave Hopkins, Nancy Covert, Lenore Rogers, Linda Evanson, Don Yoder, John Watson, Gidge Campbell, Sandra Menter-Berry and Jean Swanson
1995 Dave Hudson
1996 Patty Ann and Allan Forsyth
1997 Dale Welfringer
1998 Sue Davidson and Jean Swanson
1999 Jenny and Bob Hollister
2000 Donna and Dennis Quackenbush
2001 George Phillips
2002 Joan Curtis
2003 Orville Stout
2004 Jackie and Jerry Dock
2005 Lou Parker and Russ Cable
2006 Dennis Mulvaney
2007 Barbara Carey, Barbara Studebaker and Christina McDougall
2008 Gloria Wing, Jack Brake and Buzz Brake
2009 Ellen Eddington   Also special recognition given to the Forsyth/Schwab families
2010 Lena and Tony Forsyth
2011 Marianne Bull and the Education Committtee:  Judy Hopkins, Chair   Gloria Wing, Mary Ann Ballew, Susan Small, Susanne Bacon, Maria Fletter, Nancy Covert, Buzz Brake
2012 George Rybolt, Donna Quackenbush
2013 Bob Mize, Brad Randall,  Buzz Brake
2014 Denise and Dieter Mielimonka
2015 Patti Young, Tim Bull, Michelle Pihlman
2016 Diane Franklin, John O’Reilly
2017 Maria Burdette, Daniel Sebers.
2018 Mark Braegelmann
2019 Randi Slatten, Dick Muri, Lessie Tompkins
2020 Mike McLaughlin, Lenore Rogers